We are dedicated to helping individuals look and be their best, achieving and enjoying success personally and professionally.  
Here is what some of them said: 
On 16th September 2017 at 18:33, Jennifer Howard-Dobson - Solicitor wrote:
Following a complete makeover including hair, on receipt of the personal Style File:
Wow that is so thorough! Just brilliant thank you! I really enjoyed my two days with you-I went into a shop and managed to look with purpose rather than jut scanning around! I'm excited to put my new wardrobe together and I feel more confident already. I have had really positive comments on a lavender/beige dress with cap sleeves and a V-neckline that I bought online wearing with heels and my new fave blue jacket we bought at Coes! I certainly don't feel like I look like the receptionist anymore and I feel so much more confident already!

You really have started to change my mindset about clothes and how different perceptions are when you wear something different and more polished. I also want my daughter to look up to me as someone who took care of herself rather than looking scruffy and careless and that is driving me to making some necessary changes in my life. You should advertise yourself as a life coach as well as an image consultant! Once I have got through the initial baby stage and my figure is getting back to normal again, I would love to have more regular shopping trips with you for the different seasons and ensure I keep on track!
It has been such a delight getting to know you and having your superb expertise guide me so thank you ever so much!
On 11th April 2017 at 16:49, Leanne Castle wrote:
In December I spent a day with Marianne to look at my personal branding. We went looked through my rather disparate, meagre wardrobe, considered my body shape and skin tone. I made the decision as to what should stay in my wardrobe and what shouldn't and we then went shopping for clothes, accessories and makeup. Marianne was very helpful, diplomatic and didn't try to instil her taste or style. It was an extremely helpful day and since then I've been much more aware of what I wear and the image I portray and the clothes and shoes I purchase. I'd thoroughly recommend anyone who has got in a rut regarding their professional wear to use Marianne's services.
On 7th February 2017 at 18:11, Student (f) - University of Suffolk wrote:
This workshop has helped me to discover who I am and what I stand for in terms of my purpose. It has changed the way I look at myself and what others think of me. Great, this training would benefit all students and this must go in to the university curriculum.
On 7th February 2017 at 18:06, Student (e) - University of Suffolk wrote:
I absolutely loved the 2 day workshop. It was inspiring and helped me discover exactly what I felt about myself and how I could show this to my employers. I believe this workshop should be mandatory for all students and having a small group around discussion and communication to be fun and informative. It was great to feel confident and show people what you have done. I believe this is a topic that is essential for life and it needs to be continued and developed.
On 7th February 2017 at 18:00, Student (d) - University of Suffolk wrote:
I have really enjoyed the last two days, it has been very informative and interesting, with the opportunity to discuss and ask questions throughout. I feel that I am leaving today with a much great understanding of who I am and how I can make changes and adjustments to both my internal and external image. I feel that this has helped me gain much more confidence in myself and who I am as a person and what I have to offer as an individual. Thank you so much, it has been a fantastic experience and something I would definitely recommend to my friends and course peers.
On 7th February 2017 at 17:54, Student (c) - University of Suffolk wrote:
The personal branding section (predominantly day 1) was incredibly helpful in terms of my academic life, e.g. university, applying for jobs etc. However day 2 was excellent in terms of linking the two sections, but also was a massive help to general confidence. Thoroughly enjoyable and would highly recommend. This should be mandatory.
On 7th February 2017 at 17:51, Student (b) - University of Suffolk wrote:
The content and delivery style was excellent. The speaker had the right pace and was very engaging. She is very knowledgeable and came across in a professional manner. The workshop was far better than expected.
On 7th February 2017 at 17:48, Student (a) - University of Suffolk wrote:
This should be a course run in the first year and third year of the uni course. Learnt a great deal about myself and how to go forth with my Personal Brand and sell myself.
On 27th January 2017 at 15:16, Jess wrote:
I wanted to give you some feedback on the step up and stand out workshop I have done over the last two days. This has by far been one of the best and most engaging workshops I have been to since starting university. Marianne has had such a positive impact on myself and other attendees and delivered the workshop is such a constructive, supportive and positive way. I have gained so much confidence in myself during this time gaining understanding of my own brand and recognising what my key strengths and values are. This has helped me gain a clear view of what I have to offer future employers. This gave us the opportunity to create and develop our own individual brand statement that can truly illustrate who we are to employers, which is invaluable to all students to stand out from the crowd. I feel that this workshop would be beneficial to all students no matter what course they are on, when looking at the business management course I feel this could be beneficial to be part of the personal career development module. Everything we have gone over the last few days could make the difference between being employed or not, helping to further enhancing the employability of all students at University of Suffolk. This should definitely be incorporated in to all courses moving forward, to help assist all students in understanding the importance and impact of their own brand. Thank you, Jessica Hyland
On 19th December 2016 at 11:58, Mike Bernard wrote:
I had never considered a makeover or getting professional advice on my attire. Then I met Marianne one day. She explained the inter-connective nature of appearance, communication and behaviour in people's impressions of us and the critical importance of these impressions in our professional and our social life.
This interested me enough to arrange a meeting at which we discussed further. I could see that Marianne had a great deal of knowledge and experience combined with the interpersonal skills to help me make the changes that I wanted.
We met at my home and Marianne started by helping me to realise the colours that I looked best in. My wardrobe had built up over my entire adult life, with many items remaining from a distant past when fashions were crazy. Marianne helped me go through my wardrobe giving much relief to me, my partner, all my associates possessing the gift of vision, and not least my local charity shop. This exercise also required a realistic evaluation of my body shape, a translation to find the clothes it showed this at its best, and an elimination of those that didn't.
We met again at a local clothing store. Marianne encouraged me to try on clothes that I would have previously walked straight past without a second glance, and then to look in the mirror. Within a couple of hours there was a dramatic transformation. I now had outfits that radically boosted my appearance, confidence and self-esteem. I wondered whether the change of attire had the same effect on Superman or Wonder Woman!
We then met at a local hairdresser where I underwent the finishing touches to my new appearance.
The next exercises helped me to recall and appreciate the strengths I had that I often disregarded. Just as if not more importantly, it led me to discover a number of strengths that others saw in me that I had never recognised. This amazed and delighted me!
But Marianne hadn't finished yet. We met again and discussed in detail how I could use these strengths in my career, leisure and social life to improve each of these areas.
None of this could have worked without the skills and personality of Marianne herself. Over a long career, Marianne has developed the gift of making people feel good about themselves, while showing them the changes they can make to give themselves better lives.
Marianne has great style, class and elegance together with tremendous intelligence and charm and presents an inspirational model of what you can be. But crucially she also shows you how you can get there. This required insight and honesty on her part and open-mindedness on mine. But with her caring, considerate, kind and understanding manner, at no point did I ever feel less than greatly valued and respected.
Thanks ever so much Marianne.
On 6th May 2016 at 14:58, Denzil Beard wrote
Marianne visited my wife and myself to introduce us to her colour co-ordination programme. I have to admit that as an amateur artist for most of my life I was a bit skeptical about it but agreed to participate. The experience surprised even an old cynic like me. She created a good first impression with her positive but very friendly approach. What shone through throughout her visit was her sheer competence and enthusiasm not just for this particular subject but across all areas of fashion and appearance. She inspires confidence and you know that her expertise and advise is totally dependable. Very quickly, you regard her as a friend who can be trusted totally on confidential matters.  
In short, she possesses the essential ingredient of integrity in all aspects of her work. The end result for me was one of genuine interest in her subject which has had practical applications ever since. My wife can speak for herself but I have seen a positive difference in her appearance and her far greater interest in choosing colours that suit her and make a significant difference to her fashion awareness.  
But it soon became apparent that Marianne's skills cover many areas affecting the lifestyle of both men and women. Because of her empathy with the full spectrum of society she is well placed to make a positive impact in her chosen role and I wish her well deserved success in the future. Marianne has the genuine ability to present herself as a trustworthy friend who feels deeply about all aspects of image enhancement.  


For a long time I'd felt I'd lost my way with fashion and what suited me. Marianne came to the house and at once I found her easy manner made me feel relaxed and in good hands.  
We went through the colour and style analyses and discussed body shape and lifestyle. We got to work on my wardrobe, trying on and being shown what suited me and why other garments weren't quite so good.  
For me, comfort is really important and going through fashion catalogues with Marianne helped me further to get a good idea of what really suited me. It all felt very cathartic and I was on a journey to rediscover myself.  
Marianne provided me with a written account of all we had discussed and a very useful colour samples palette that could be taken when out shopping for clothes. 
It was so helpful to have an idea of a capsule wardrobe that could be added to with key pieces that could be adapted for different occassions.  
It was a really enjoyable experience and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to rediscover themselves. 
The advise and guidance has been invaluable and has given me the confidence to shop for clothes and accessories that I know will enhance my colouring and body shape. 
Karen Brown (Hampshire) 


On 8th May 2016 at 17:50, Deborah (Christhurch) wrote: 
I met with Marianne over a 2 day period, and from the start I felt confident that I'd chosen the right Image Consultant.  
She arrived at my house after a 4 hour drive, smiling and looking perfectly groomed and very stylish. She is very professional and we got started immediately, with her concentrating on learning about me and what I wanted to achieve.  
She took measurements and explained what style clothing and accessories best suit my body shape – covering everything from underwear (dress from the inside out in order to feel your best) through jeans to dresses and evening gowns. 
We spent time on my colours and then went through my wardrobe, colour co-ordinating, matching items that can be worn together, and with her encouraging, but not forcing, me to be ruthless with items that hadn't been worn for years and that were only taking up valuable space and being a distraction to the serviceable clothes.  
All the time asking questions and getting to know and understand what I like and feel comfortable with.  
On day 2 we went shopping. Marianne took me to shops that I had never been in and wouldn't normally consider suitable, some were pleasantly surprising and others that I know not to bother with again. 
We also went to my usual shops and again Marianne was very good at steering me away from the same old same old and just taking me to the limits of my comfort zone trying new shapes and styles, and all the time showing me and introducing me to fresh, fashionable ideas that were in line with what I was wanting to achieve ie. 
stylish and up to date yet comfortable, whilst remaining appropriate for my age (56). It was a very successful day, I came home with bags but not suitcases of new clothes that I am feeling confident in (none that went back), but more importantly I came back having gained a wealth of knowledge about how best to present myself and how to create the image I want people to see. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Marianne, she is totally professional, has a great eye for detail and the ability to listen and understand what the client wants. 


Over 30 years ago in Abu Dhabi I had my colours done. The person had run out of colour swatches and had gone to a local souk and bought various pieces of material which were cut into pieces and made into a swatch. 
Innovative but not entirely successful. Marianne recently did my colours and oh, what a difference. She has a warm, friendly charming personality - and had the right colour swatches. She came up with colours that I would never have considered and I feel great wearing them.  
She is also great fun to go shopping with and always ready with advice on best colours and styles. Marianne has also helped me with cosmetics having worked with Mary Kay for several years. 
She knows exactly what suits me best and can recommend different new products, never pushing top of the range when she knows of an equally good product at a much more reasonable price.  
Diana Beard, Dorset