½ and full day courses  
3-5 day programmes 
One-to-one coaching 
Maximun number of attendees - 20. Larger numbers can be accommodated. Please contact to discuss... 


Inspirational, thought-provoking and motivational talks and presentations. Including Executive Pesence, Personal Branding as well as Colour,Style, Wardrobe and Shopping. Available from large corporate events to small social groups. 


Colour Analysis and Style Assessment - 3 hours 
Wardrobe Edit - 3 hours  
Shopping Trip - 3 hours  
Recommended - the full four sessions will give the most comprehensive results. 
Learn deportment and engaging behaviour and top tips to be taken more seriously.  
If you plan to undergo a complete makeover you can choose to have your colour analysis, style assessment and wardrobe edit on the same day or on separate occasions. The shopping trip will be carried out on another day. 
Part one - the colour analysis 
You will be visited at your choice of venue which may be at your home or office. We will first go through a question consultation. If you are wearing make-up this can then be removed so that your natural colour shows through and if your hair is coloured or grey you will be given a towel cap to put on. A cape will be put around your top half so that the colour of the clothes you are wearing does not detract from the colour analysis. You will then have a series of coloured swatches spread across below the neck which will be flicked quickly back and forth. It may be necessary to go back to various groups of colour. Once it is certain what is your perfect colour range you will have a mirror so that you can see for yourself the difference the varying colours made. At this time you will learn the best jewellery colouring and make-up which will flatter and enhance your colouring. You may like to purchase a small swatch holder which you can take shopping with you to remind you of the colours that best suit you. 
Part two - the style assessment 
A style consultation will take place to understand your likes, what areas you aren't so happy about, what occupies your time, your lifestyle and a varity of questions which will help understand what you would like to achieve and to help if you're not sure. We will be analysing your face and body by looking at your scale, shape, line and proportions. Measurements will be taken but you will not need to strip off and traditional chest, waist and hip measurements are taken. You will be asked questions related to your figure and past clothing choices. Once the assessment has taken place and we have looked at some of your most loved items, you will be given detailed advice on clothing design, details and shapes as well as fabrics and pattern that will suit you. You will also receive advice on choosing accessories and hairstyles and which shops might stock clothes to suit you. Don't worry about forgetting the information as a personalised style file will be drawn up and emailed to you. 
Part three - the wardrobe edit 
A lot of fun, life-transforming and a feeling of release. You will not be forced in any way to let go of everything but you will be encouraged to only keep those items that make you feel great. We will go through every clothing item you own - time allowing (extra time can be booked) so do be sure to remove from your wardrobe anything that is not connected to clothing so we can really get on with the task at hand. Once we know what items add value to your wardrobe we will go through what goes with what to make new outfits you've not thought of before. You will learn a great deal about making the most of your lovely items and not just keep them for rare occasions. How many times have you put things away for best and then not got much wear out of them before they either don't fit or are outdated? Once we know what you've got we can then prepare a list of pieces that will make your wardrobe an easy place to go to on a daily basis to choose great outfits that make you feel fabulous.  
Part four - the shopping trip 
You're nearly there. All you need now is to find the perfect pieces to enhance and make your wardrobe work for you. We will discuss the best shopping centre to visit together and arrange where to meet. Prior to meeting, a recce will have been carried out to identify prospective items to save you time. Whilst at the shops you will be reminded of what colours, styles, shapes and patterns make you look great so that shopping in the future becomes easier and takes less time, is not stressful and saves you masses of money on costly mistakes. You will set your budget so that we know what shops will be suitable for your pocket as well as your style. 
So, there we have it. A straightforward, enlightening and life-changing process. You will feel like a new person and will be brimming with new found confidence. Don't forget, if you believe you'd benefit from skin care and make-up application or would like to learn what changes you can make with your deportment and how to increase your presence - the poise and confidence in all situations, do take a look at the other services available. It may also be that you've gained so much benefit from an uncluttered wardrobe that decluttering rooms in your home or office would free-up your time and mind.