The challenge at work is to express the authentic you whilst recognising that you are also an extension of your company's brand. We all know that the first few seconds is crucial in terms of the image we convey - that's how long it takes for a potential client to determine whether you are professional, approachable and capable, and that impression is largely conveyed by what you are wearing. 
It's not the only consideration of course and needs to be closely linked with gravitas and engaging communication which together enable the individual and organisation to drive and deliver results. 


½ and full-day courses and 3-6 day programmes to inform, teach, inspire, encourage and motivate. Coaching is also available on a one-to-one basis. Courses are tailored to requirements and include: 
Executive Presence - delivering a set of influencing skills and strategies enabling aspiring and senior personnel to command attention and inspire engagement through behaviour, communication and appearance. 
Personal Branding - If the organisation's brand isn't promoting the experience they want the workforce to offer and customers to receive, Personal Branding will increase personal effectiveness, reinforce the company image and culture and improve sales success. 
Creating an Impactful First Impression - an inspirational, informative and direct-speaking session, leaving attendeees with the practical knowledge and understanding of how to achieve maximum positive impact each time they meet someone.  


Team-building - Bespoke sessions with exercises where team members receive a complete understanding of how they are currently perceived and how their personal brand and image impact their career and the organisation's success. The content leaves attendees ready for change and most of all feeling valued by the company. A win-win event. 
Corporate Review - where current employee impressions and brand image are reviewed and improvements designed to raise the company profile. 
Clarity4D - Maximising a high level of customer satisfaction through having a motivated, achievement orientated team with an understanding of their preferred style of communication and recognition of the personality and styles of communication best for their colleagues and customers.