Your personal style is the packaging of your own brand - i.e. Brand YOU. Style goes deeper than fashion. It's about wearing clothes that are a reflection of who you are, your values, your self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence. Your personal style is a way of signalling self-awareness. It tells the world that you have assumed control of yourself. It is an expression of the authentic YOU and authenticity is the cornerstone of executive presence. 
Do you want people to want to know more about you, for your personality to shine, to learn the art of beautifully put together outfits, to have a capsule wardrobe where it's easy to decide what to wear every day for any occassion, to avoid becoming invisible, for people to take you more seriously, promotion, a life partner? Here is the solution......... 
Introductory Prices 


Whilst we can say that no colours are banned there are specific hues that depending on your natural colouring will bring out the best in you. Whilst some are drawn to their ideal colour range it is fair to say that this is a real problem for many. A colour analysis will transform how you choose your wardrobe content and shop and instill greater confidence within you in your social- and work-life.  


A style overhaul will enable you to understand your body-shape and lines and recognise the clothes, accessories, hair styles to even glasses frames which flatter you. We will take into account your lifestyle, values and comfort to ensure you can create the wardrobe that will show who you really are whilst being entirely appropriate for any situation. 

WARDROBE EDIT £195 (3 hours, additional hours £70) 

A burgeoning wardrobe or dissatisfaction with its content is restrictive. It makes the daily choice of what to wear a burden. If you don't anticipate your choice of outfit confidently every day or you're wearing the same things time and again whilst ignoring the rest, editing the wardrobe brings real freedom. It can be difficult to cast out what doesn't make you feel outstanding, but liberating when you can see what really works and goes together. It enables you to see what's missing or needs replacing so that every day's choices become clear and revitalising. 

SHOPPING £195 (3 hours, additional hours £70) 

Buying clothes and accessories that don't flatter your personal style and colouring or complement your authentic self is frustrating and costly. Identifying what suits you as well as what you need before you shop will speed up the shopping process. You may not have shopped with a personal shopper before but as a one-off or to change regularly with the seasons to shopping for an outfit for a special occasion, you will be helped to pick up perfect pieces effortlessly. Also crucial when changing your working wardrobe.