Your personal style is the packaging of your own brand - i.e. Brand You. When it comes to style it goes deeper than fashion. It's about wearing clothes that are a reflection of who you are, your values, your self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence. Brand says "I will be listened to, I can make a difference, I'm committed 110%" 
Besides image, whether in business or socially, MML offers a range of services to address many of today's stumbling-blocks.  


Whether it's how you are contributing to the success of the organisation you work with, the way you feel about your appearance or being bogged down with all the clutter in your place of work or at home, Professional and Personal Image and Impact Consulting and Home & Office Organisation will help transform business success, relationships and the ability to focus on what matters. 
Many people aren't happy with the way their chances of promotion aren't being realised, they aren't finding relationships fulfilling, just don't feel attractive, have trouble deciding what to wear or are plain bogged down with all the 'stuff' around them.  
Now, under one roof are services which will help and empower you to change the way you look, communicate & behave and to gain credibilty, lead inspirationally, engage, influence and succeed.