Everyone wants to feel happy within themselves and in an ideal world to feel good whatever their circumstances. We're dealt life blows however, big and small, that can floor us and whether young or old, we lose confidence and self-esteem. It is fair to say that some people have never felt good about themselves. This affects our lives and relationships at work, in school, at home and socially. 
Whilst we may not have full control of what happens to us we can choose how we will react and given help and support can do things which will help in our recovery. There are many avenues of support and MML specifically addresses those concerning appearance, behaviour and communication. 
Running 1-1 sessions and team workshops, MML offers life-changing inspiration and enlightenment around how we feel about our image and how we are perceived through the way we dress and present ourselves. When confidence is lost it can take away our drive to look after ourselves and this in turn can have an adverse affect in how we are treated and taken notice of.  
Unfair as this may be it is generally a given that if we don't look after ourselves it is perceived that we may not take care of what ever responsibilities we have. This affects our success at interview to being able to keep a job and affects our personal and professional relationships too. For younger people this affects time at school, college or university including the social aspect and impacts the success enjoyed now and in the future. 
What we do and how we verbally and non-verbally behave and communicate backs this up. Through learning about how our behaviour is affecting our lives adversely we can replace those negative inclinations.  
By understanding how our communication is coming across in a way that doesn't endear us to others we can master the changes necessary to free us from the negative cycles.  
The sessions and workshops take you through each of the three elements - image, behaviour and communication to help set your life and thoughts about yourself back on course. This isn't about conforming to how you think you should be but being the real and authentic you.  
Gaining or recovering confidence and self-esteem gives you the opportunity to face the world with a new confidence and the ability to get on with life.