Stress is a killer, leading to high blood pressure, heart attacks, anxiety and depression. But what can be done about it? April is Stress Awareness Month so I wanted to look at the best stress-busters for those of us who need to find a way to relax. 
Work-related stress, depression and anxiety is on the rise. 
A study carried out last year found that in 2015 and 2016 stress accounted for 37% of all work-related ill-health cases and a whopping 11.7 million sick days in the workplace. 
It particularly affected those working in the public sector. 
The inspiration of Mary Kay Ash, cosmetic entrepreneur and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, made a great contribution to where my company is today. I worked with Mary Kay Cosmetics for several years as a Senior Sales Director and led a successful team of 90 women in Suffolk and Dorset/Hampshire. 
Breast health and back health are extremely important and unfortunately, women must take extra strides to keep from getting back injuries, breast cancer, and other health issues that can occur from wearing a bra incorrectly. 
We live in a world where image can be seen as everything. The trouble is, rather than recognise and celebrate the beauty of individuality, so many of us fall into a trap of believing we need to fit a mould. 
This is where the Body Image Movement comes in. 
Outfits can be transformed from 'nice' to fantastic with the right use of accessories. These add character to an outfit giving it your own unique style. 
Taking control of our own brand may be the difference between an unfulfilling job and a rewarding career. 
Executive Presence is how we are perceived, look and behave says media strategist Greg J. Stone who asks the direct question "Why would anyone want to be led by you?" and that the traits of EP include being unpretentious, humble and quick-witted. 
Yes, London Fashion Weekend is looming again from 22nd - 25th September. A brilliant occasion held in London at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York Square. The nearest underground station is Sloane Street. 
Like many, once upon a time I had a burgeoning wardrobe. Filled with a dearth of black and neutral and frequently adding items without really being aware of how they would work with the rest, everyday dressing was problematic. 
Lauren Hutton, American model and actress is quoted to have said "Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose." True style is unique to who you are.