As the speed of all our interpersonal transactions increases, we need fast ways of transmitting information about ourselves without losing our authenticity. Whatever your age, MML will help you find your authentic style whether for work, home or for your social life. Like a perfectly fitting book jacket, we will help you to discover how your outside - the clothes that you wear and your grooming can express who you really are inside. 
We communicate every day, on so many different levels, yet we are rarely taught how effectively. Specific techniques and practices, conveying a sense of calm and control, being heard and respected are skills that can be learned. 


Taking care of our personal brand may be the difference between an unfulfilling job and a rewarding career. Understanding our values, beliefs, behaviour and characteristics is part of the way to developing our personal brand. Our appearance and how we are perceived is another. Brand is how we, whether as an individual or an organisation are seen by the world. This includes image and style as well as reputation.  
Having a strong brand differentiates one from another, it's the way we market ourselves. It increases our effectiveness and builds confidence. Brand was all about logos, marketing, unique design and symbols, words and other elements that when employed create an image that identifies a product or service. Now at the top of the list personnel and customer experience of the brand is seen as vitally important.  


Executive Presence increases engagement and capability, raises productivity and competence and helps develop resilience during challenging times. Presence is linked with having a direct personal and professional impact. It commands attention without being overly forceful, and gives credibility.  
Nowadays, it's not about getting everything possible from an employee which escalated with the Industrial Revolution. It's about generating the feel of community and benefits its people and customers. The main components of Executive Presence are gravitas (behaviour), communication and appearance according to more than two-thirds of 268 executives surveyed by the Centre For Talent Innovation. Leaders and aspiring leaders have good speaking skills, are decisive, can read an audience or situation, have passion and positive body language.  


My career has spanned the corporate healthcare and cosmetic industries for over 25 years, originally training as a registered nurse at St Bartholomew's Hospital and later qualifying as an image consultant with The Image House in Hertfordshire.  
The inspiration for MML evolved gradually. It is based on a desire for change and my quest for continual self-improvement, extensive experience running a business and working with senior management, understanding the impact of presence and brand and a love of all things connected with style. The combination of experience, interests and drive has culminated in helping people raise their game when it comes to their image and enhancing behavioural and communication skills. 
Running my business within a multi-million pound healthcare organisation for over 20 years gave me the unique opportunity to work with a number of CEOs, senior management teams and their employees. I always found it fascinating to see first hand and experience the varied approaches of leadership. My high regard for good leaders comes from the belief that none become great ones without first having gone through significant challenges themselves. Also, my own experience has been that the leaders made enormous strides and persevered in the face of immense difficulties, continually endeavouring to improve the business.  
Besides the operations, systems and processes and everything else that goes into the running of a company, the behaviour and communication skills of leaders, and the projection of their image are paramount. This is as important to a small business as it is the largest, whether it's the person starting a business who is the brand or the large company giving the brand experience through their leaders, people and service. Commanding a room, engaging and inspiring, gaining trust, making an impact, as well as looking the part, are all attributes of Executive Presence. 
Interestingly, Executive Presence isn't just for leaders. The aspiration to have 'presence' is for anyone, whether at work, at home or socially. Having presence which includes having a great image and skilful qualities in behaviour and communication, is a great advantage for anyone and, if not innate can be learned.  
MML also supports people who have gone through difficulties and have lost confidence and self-esteem, specifically working with them around their appearance, behaviour and communication. This includes young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and people with mental health problems. As President, Marianne has supported the formation of the Self Raising Flowers WI.